“God created man in His image and then man returned the favor.” – George Bernard Shaw 

By: Steven Sills II

We think of our senses being: Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell, and Hearing. These are physical. But there are several more ways we perceive.  Concerning the psychological, we have our conscious, i.e. the ability to know right from wrong.  As well as realization, and inspiration.  But the most significant sense is our “Heart” which deals with the spiritual.  Our spirit is in all reality our most important sensory organ.  It is more powerful than the other senses and often manipulates them.

We are three part beings composed of a Body, Soul = (Mind, Will and Emotions), and Spirit.  Each has it’s own power and area of influence.  As you move from Body à Soul à Spirit, you are moving up a parabolic power curve.  Each is exponentially more powerful than the part before it.

We live in a physical, psychological and spiritual reality.  Thus there are three realities at work within/upon us at all times.  The physical reality has its physical laws and rules that govern it.  We use our physical senses to navigate it.  We are so used to this basic level of existence that I need not explain it.  You already understand it.

We also exist in a psychological reality, one that is in our mind.  We have a certain perception that is our perception.  A fabrication of the data we have taken in or perhaps has been put in.  The psychological is outside the physical and is not bound by the physical laws or rules.  We can fly in our dreams.  We can sense things with our minds that are physically impossible in the normal world.  I have smelled and tasted of the psychological.  If you think about it you have as well.  But there are psychological rules and laws.  We cannot fathom the concept of something with no beginning or end because the psychological is bound in the linear.

The spiritual reality is by far the greatest.  As I said our “Heart” is the most significant sensory organ.  But we don’t use it well, often or correctly.  This is because of the fallen state of our body and the corruption of our minds.  Our bodies are weak, and our minds are warped.  So therefore our perceptions are not correct.  We cannot make true calculations, judgments or decisions more often than not because we are dealing with untrustworthy, i.e. faulty equipment.  Which gives us faulty data.  This is a whole topic to itself.  But know this, our hearts are not bound by the rules and laws of the psychological or physical.  We can perceive with our hearts that something is eternal even though our minds cannot fathom eternity.  You also know this to be true.  See the power curve?

There is a new “Reality” arriving in our lives right now.  Its currently being termed “Augments Reality”.  It’s starting out as adding additional things to our sight by the use of images on a see through display.  Where we can see the real I’m going to call that “base line” reality.  You should know this already.  Check out the great Apps for this on your phones.  Or watch a couple YouTube videos.  Initially this is a clunky process where we have to look through a screen we hold in our hands.  Next it’s a screen we wear over our eyes, next it’s built into our eyes, next its programmed into our DNA.  It’s a fact that our current physical perception is one based on protein chemistry.  Roughly twenty  two amino acids for this perception which is blue printed in a four base pair blue print.  Our perception of both the physical and psychological reality is based in these physical limitations.  Thus it is not farfetched to believe that we are quickly coming to the day of “hard programmed” augmentation.

We stand at such an amazing time in history.  To say amazing doesn’t even begin to put it in the proper perspective.  It took 13 years and $3 Billion to sequence the first human genome.  That was less than 10 years ago.  Today they are nearing the $1000 mark to have it done.  Soon it will be the cost of a blood test.  See the link at the bottom for info on this.  The nifty thing is everything we perceive with our physical senses is bound to that code.

A new sensory organ is being built to pick up a currently unperceivable wavelength carrying with it information we couldn’t perceive before.

I digress for a second… Did you know we cannot see green stars?  I want you to figure out why we can’t see green stars.  I’m not going to explain it here.  Google will do you a great service, or check out the link I gave you at the bottom of this.  Know that green sits in the middle of our visible spectrum yet we can’t see green stars. Ponder that.  My point is that we perceive with your senses a tiny fraction of the available data in the universe.   Ok I digress for one more second… look up at the night sky and realize that you see only a tiny fraction of the stars that are staring back down at you!  Our eyes only work inside of a narrow spectrum and there are millions shining down on us in spectrums our eyes cannot see!  Now think about how this applies to our hearing, to our touching.  We are trapped in such a narrow physical range.  And we want to use our weak physical senses to give us proof of the psychological and spiritual world?  I laugh at myself knowing I do that.  I truly love this!

Ok so back to my point: A new sensory organ is being built.  This new sensory organ I will refer to as “P6” (this is just an arbitrary name), because it will be our 6th physical receptor made of the same twenty two amino acids, and four corresponding base pairs.  Realize this is not some farfetched science.  There are many sensory organs in the physical world that we do not have.  Birds have barometric sensors, as well as electromagnetic compasses.  See the link at the bottom if you’re interested in this.  As well as how bats see sound with their sensors.  There are tons of sensors we humans don’t have.

The difference with the receptor we are building is where the data it perceives comes from.  That data is generated by humans initially.  At first we control the data.  Thus we can add to “base line” reality anything we desire from physical reality.  For example the sight of colors can have corresponding feelings, seeing red could make you feel physically warm.  The blowing wind could be colored in order for us to see it coming.  Or any combination the mind can imagine, the sight of an object could yield a taste etc.  That is complex and in the distant future.  The initial and most straight forward application of “P6” will be to see things and people that are not part of “base line” reality.

It will be difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between base line and augmented reality.  Especially when the augmented reality acts inside the confines of “normal” reality by obeying the physical and psychological rules and laws.  We will not know who, or what, is and isn’t real as long as it behaves within the rules and laws.  But augmented reality people will be able to fly, appear, disappear, talk to us in our minds etc.  This will be especially significant when the data being supplied is from an Artificial Intelligence and not a human directly.  If the AI becomes sentient i.e. self-aware, it will also become in effect “spiritual” because it will have the capacity to speak and interact with us of its own volition.

Can you not see we are on the brink of a new spirituality?  The problem is that we know that we have a very poor concept of reality already.  Our sensors are faulty.  What happens when we get another sensor? I ask you this, what difference is there between “P6” and our “heart”?  Do we already have “P6” and were building a 2nd one?…  I think yes.

Explanation for why we don’t see green stars: 

Cost to sequence a human genome:

Birds Magnetic Compass:

Bat Sonar:


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